Calmer Canine® Tracking Tools

We at Calmer Canine® are fanatics when it comes to helping you reduce your dog’s anxiety. We aim to provide helpful tools and techniques in addition to our very effective product to help you achieve your goal of reducing your dog’s anxiety and restoring lasting calm to your home and family.

Our experience is that one of the best ways to see the progress that your dog is making during the course of treatment (recommended for a minimum of four weeks) is to track your dog’s level of anxiety.  So, we suggest you start by generating a baseline score, essentially scoring your dog’s level of anxiety before starting treatments with Calmer Canine. Then, you can track your dog’s progress weekly by re-scoring your dog’s level of anxiety and looking at the difference from the baseline score. You’ll be thrilled when you see your dog’s progress over the course of treatment with Calmer Canine.

It’s important that Calmer Canine treatments are given two times per day for 4–6 weeks for optimal results. Download the Calmer Canine Treatment Log to track the date and time of treatments you give your dog and any important notes about the day.

Keep track of the Calmer Canine treatments you give your dog. This is especially helpful if more than one person will be giving treatment sessions.