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At Calmer Canine®, we take research and testing very seriously. A pilot study was completed with the help of Dr. Margaret Gruen (NCSU). Participant dogs all exhibited separation anxiety and were treated with the Calmer Canine device twice daily for 15 minutes, for four to six weeks. 

The video below shows powerful before and after footage from the pilot study.

The results were incredible showing all dogs with a dramatic reduction, or even a resolution, of their separation anxiety symptoms.

Success Stories


  • Tulip showed signs of separation anxiety for many years – watched the door continuously and barked constantly when her owner left, even though her husband was home.
  • The owner rated certain signs of separation anxiety as completely resolved by the end of the study.
  • Video analysis showed the resolution of barking by Day 28. Orienting toward the environment (i.e., watchful waiting by the door or window) improved 41% by Day 28 and 81% by Day 56.
  • The owner and husband were very happy with the results. One year later signs of anxiety have not returned.


  • Granite was adopted. Adopted dogs are very prone to separation anxiety.
  • His owner was most concerned with the bloody drool that appeared every time she left him in the crate when she left home.
  • Granite’s severe separation anxiety was rated as completely resolved by the end of the study.
  • Destructive behavior showed 44% improvement by Day 28 and 88% by Day 56.
  • The owner is thrilled with results and one year later, signs of anxiety are still under control without medication.


  • Cooper’s signs of separation anxiety included incessantly staring out of the window, whining and barking.
  • As captured on video, no resting, playing or positive behavior occurred during the entire time his owner was away.
  • After a month of treatment, positive behavior increased to nearly 64%, whining improved 97% and barking was resolved.
  • Cooper was even able to play and groom himself during his owner’s absences.

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