Calmer Canine: A Drug-free Solution to your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Calming Your Dog And What To Do?

People love their pets, and dog lovers certainly fit into this category. But just as people are individuals, so too do dogs differ in their personalities from one to another. But one thing most dogs share is separation anxiety — it’s not so much a fear of being abandoned as it is a longing for their human. And since dogs live in the moment, when their human leaves the fear that they won’t be coming back is real. To the dog, that is, and that’s what counts. As a result you get anxious dogs that exhibit this in a number of non-positive ways, from chewing on stuff they shouldn’t to wetting themselves to making themselves sick barking.

What to do about this is the human’s responsibilities and the answer over the years have varied from medications to recordings of the owners voice or leaving on the television or playing a special DVD or more recently “checking in” through a video chat. The Assi company approaches this differently through the Calmer Canine, a device that seeks to quiet the dog through technology. Specifically by delivering microcurrents of targeted pulsed electro magnetic field signals (tPEMF) to the areas of the brain where emotions such as anxiety are controlled, and which is a safe and effective procedure building off research conduct in Ed at Harvard University (suggesting that tPEMF signals similar to those used in this product have even effective in treating people with mood disorders, for example depression and anxiety).

The Calmer Canine Solution

The Calmer Canine consist of two parts: the first being a vest. But before putting it on the dog, it’s necessary that the vest is of the proper size. The way to do this is not through the weight of the dog, but through measurements of the neck and the chest. Once these two factors are known, it’s a simple matter of comparing these measurements with the parameters set by the sizing chart found on the company’s website. So in the case of our dog who, being recently blind, has become a bit more needy than most, the proper size of the vest for him is Small. Others may vary, which is why the sizes range from extra small to extra large.

Getting It Ready

Preparing the vest for use requires first placing it on the dog in the conventional way. This should cause no concern on the dog, unless it has never worn a vest before, in which case some time must be spent in acclimating to it. The dog might also be impacted by the sound of the hook and loop method for closing up the vest. But with that done, it’s time to attach the unit to the back of the vest, so that the ring rises above and behind the dog’s head (sort of resembling a halo over the dog’s head — but you knew your dog was heavenly already).

For those who wish a more intimate approach, the Calmer Canine can be ordered sans vest, and so will be held in position behind the dog’s head (5” and 7” models are available and so depends on the size of the dog’s head as to which is better for use in this situation). This does not inhibit any of the dog’s natural movements or inclinations either. When the session is done, the device can be removed from the vest or moved away from the dog.

It is recommended to have two 15 minutes sessions per day over a 4-6 week period. Being sensation free, it should not unduly alarm the dog. Also, a treat might now be called for, or perhaps a drink and a trip outside. Additionally the vest is machine washable, while the device works off of an easily replaceable battery.