Calmer Canine Soothes Your Anxious Dog in Sci-Fi Style

I had a dog once who was very anxious about being left alone. This was problematic because he was 100lbs and not that bright, so you never knew quite how he’d express his displeasure at being home alone. Calmer Canine sees dog anxiety as a brain issue, and they claim their new anxiety gadget will ease doggie fears!

The Calmer Canine system doesn’t use drugs or treats-instead, it uses electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the brain in such a way that it causes long-term anxiety reduction. Basically, you’re zapping the dog’s brain with targeted pulses that makes their brain happier, so they don’t freak out and lick a dog-sized hole in the couch because you left. Or, you know, completely destroy a crate until it’s a pile of shredded fabric and bent wires (as I said, my dog was both very large and not that bright, and apparently he thought the crate was the enemy).

If like me, you’re curious about a lot more of the science behind this, you can explore it in more detail at the Assisi Animal Health website. Calmer Canine retails for $259 (introductory price of $229) to $279 (introductory price of $249) depending on the size of the dog. As an added bonus, once your dog is calmer, the Calmer Canine gear can double as a 60’s sci-fi costume, so your dog will be more chill AND will definitely win a Halloween costume contest. You can learn more here.