Dog Success Stories

Dog Success Stories

We take research and testing very seriously. A pilot study was completed with the help of Dr. Margaret Gruen (NCSU). Participant dogs all exhibited separation anxiety and were treated with the Calmer Canine® device twice daily for 15 minutes, for six weeks. 

The results were incredible showing all dogs with a dramatic reduction, or even a resolution, of their separation anxiety symptoms.

Calmer Canine is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Here are a few stories of the dogs we’ve helped so far:


  • Tulip showed signs of separation anxiety for many years – watched the door continuously and barked constantly when her owner left, even though her husband was home.
  • The owner rated certain signs of separation anxiety as completely resolved by the end of the study.
  • Video analysis showed resolution of barking by Day 28. Orienting toward the environment (i.e., watchful waiting by the door or window) improved 41% by Day 28 and 81% by Day 56.
  • The owner and husband were very happy with the results. One year later signs of anxiety have not returned.


  • Granite was adopted. Adopted dogs are very prone to separation anxiety.
  • His owner was most concerned with the bloody drool that appeared every time she left him in the crate when she left home.  
  • Granite’s severe separation anxiety was rated as completely resolved by the end of the study.
  • Destructive behavior showed 44% improvement by Day 28 and 88% by Day 56.
  • The owner is thrilled with results and one year later, signs of anxiety are still under control without medication.


  • Denver’s owner noticed signs of separation anxiety starting after the death of her other dog. 
  • She tried the sedative, trazodone, but did not like the doping side effects.
  • The owner lives in a senior community and was concerned that Denver’s barking would get them evicted. 
  • Video analysis showed complete resolution of barking and 42% improvement in orienting to the environment (i.e., watchful waiting by the door or window) by Day 28. 


  • Cooper’s signs of separation anxiety included incessantly staring out of the window, whining and barking.  
  • As captured on video, no resting, playing or positive behavior occurred during the entire time his owner was away.
  • After a month of treatment, positive behavior increased to nearly 64%, whining improved 97% and barking was resolved.
  • Cooper was even able to play and groom himself during his owner’s absences.


  • Charger would incessantly dig into his bedding and redistribute the laundry all over the basement.
  • He also broke his tooth attempting to escape his crate.
  • After a month of treatment, his owner is delighted to report that he can be left alone and there is no destruction when she comes home.