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Dog Trainers

Separation anxiety affects 1 in 7 dogs. Together, we can help.
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Calmer Canine® is a clinically-proven, sensation-free, safe and non-drug treatment to add to your training toolkit. By providing clients with an easy-to-use anxiety therapy with lasting results, you will see improved client compliance and faster results.

Calmer Canine is based on technology that has been widely used in both human and veterinary medicine. We’re pleased to offer an affiliate program for trainers and behavior consultants.


Share Calmer Canine information through your website, social accounts, e-newsletter, blog or any other channels you’d like. We’ll say Thank You with a 10% commission on all purchases made through these links. You can even donate your commission to the pet rescue of your choice. It’s as simple as a banner or product description on your site, a monthly post on your social page, or even sharing the stories of families who used the treatment with success.

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The Real-Life Impact of Calmer Canine 


Before Calmer Canine, Riggs suffered from separation anxiety, noise sensitivity, general anxiety, and anxiety around the family’s new baby. Riggs paced obsessively and panted while his owners were away, and his family was worried he would never get used to the new addition to the family. Within a week of beginning treatment with Calmer Canine, Riggs’ family and veterinarian saw a dramatic improvement in his anxiety symptoms. After four weeks of Calmer Canine treatment, Riggs sleeps while his owners are gone and is able to settle next to the baby, bringing calm to both Riggs and his owners.

See dramatic before and after video and success stories here.