Separation anxiety? Not anymore.

Calmer Canine™ is the revolutionary, drug-free solution.

  • How does Calmer Canine work?

    The Calmer Canine device sends gentle microcurrent signals to your dog’s anxiety center to help them regain their emotional balance. The treatment is safe and sensation-free with no side effects. The device is based on FDA-cleared technology used to treat humans with anxiety and other mood disorders.

  • Easy, twice daily treatments.

    Just two 15-minute sessions each day for four to six weeks can greatly reduce the signs of separation anxiety in your dog. The Calmer Canine device attaches to the convenience vest for hands-free treatment sessions. Or you can order the device separately and hold it in place.

  • Sizes to fit any dog, including yours.

    To ensure a great fit, we offer our comfortable, washable convenience vest in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL. The Calmer Canine device is available in two diameters: 5” (for small- and medium-sized dogs) and 7” (for large and giant breeds).

  • fear free preferred product program

    Accepted into the Fear Free Preferred Product Program

    Calmer Canine is recognized as a pain-free, drug-free, gentle solution for treating your dog’s separation anxiety by Fear Free. Fear Free is an independent organization whose mission is to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people that care for them.



Fake coat!

Invisible vest with non-existent packaging! Be the envy of your existential circle. Does this vest bend light around itself to mask it from all physical perception – or does it simply not exist*? You be the judge!

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