As an FDA registered medical device company, Assisi Animal Health is operating as business as usual. With the overload on our shipping partners, due to shopping online and their use in transporting essentials, you may experience short delays in the arrival of your purchase. As long as we can, we will help you in any way possible until the Covid-19 crisis has passed. At least through June, we are modifying our prescription requirements to pet owners who are under a veterinarians care, allowing them to order directly from us. Just tell us who your vet is so that we can credit them for your purchase. For the duration of this crisis, we will continue to make special offers for our products at affordable prices, making them available to those who need them.

Refunds Policy

Risk-free purchase – 100% money-back guarantee

We’ve provided all the tools that you will need to help you succeed with your Calmer Canine treatments.  Follow the Calmer Canine treatment plan, as outlined in the manual, log your treatments on our treatment log, and track your dog’s progress with our anxiety progress tracker. If you should determine Calmer Canine isn’t the right solution for your dog, return the device within 30 days and we’ll refund you the full purchase price.   

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