The Calmer Canine® Device

Separation Anxiety Causes Immense Emotional Stress For You & Your Dog

Watch to see how this separation anxiety solution works, including before and after results of dogs that have benefited from Calmer Canine®.

The Calmer Canine Device

Separation anxiety is a terrible problem that affects over 13 million dogs in the US. We know that it can be really difficult for dog owners too. It’s disruptive and places immense stress on the dog and their family. It’s also not an easy problem to solve, especially if you’re looking for a drug-free solution. Calmer Canine was created to help dogs and owners with this difficult problem.

Calmer Canine is Here to Help

Calmer Canine comes in two forms. The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System includes the device and a comfortable, easy to use vest that holds the device in the proper position over the dog’s head (at the base of their neck) during treatments. The Calmer Canine device is also available without the vest. Just two, 15-minute treatments daily for four to six weeks have been shown to significantly reduce signs of canine separation anxiety, including barking, whining, howling, destructive behavior, panting, pacing, watching out the door and windows obsessively, and potty accidents, with lasting effects.

You can check out real dog owner stories to see how Calmer Canine has impacted their lives. Research proves that the device is a safe and highly effective solution to separation anxiety. And because we want to ensure the treatment device is available to all dog owners, no prescription is required.

Calmer Canine compassionately restores lasting
calm to your dog, your family, and your home

Calmer Canine Product Features

  • Battery-operated. Comes with an easily removable and replaceable battery (CR123-A, 3- Volt Lithium Primary Cell Battery). The battery life, at the recommended treatment schedule, is approximately six weeks. Battery included.
  • Easy to use. Treatment requires only 15-minute sessions, twice daily for 4–6 weeks; the device will turn itself off after the treatment session is over.
  • Convenient. The Calmer Canine Anxiety Treatment System comes with a comfortable, washable, easy to apply vest which holds the device in the optimal position on the neck, allowing for hands-free operation.
  • Available without vest. If your dog dislikes wearing garments or dislikes the sound of hook and loop fasteners, the device can be purchase alone and the therapy can be applied by holding the device in place by hand.
  • Fits any dog. The wearable vest comes in five sizes (XS, S, M, L and XL) and the device comes in two sizes to ensure a good fit for your dog.