The Science Behind Calmer Canine®

The Separation Anxiety Treatment That Works

Unlike other products claiming to be a solution for separation anxiety, Calmer Canine® has been tested and proven to work alone without other treatments or training. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require that we test or prove the efficacy of our products, we strongly believe in clinical studies to demonstrate that our claims are true.

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As the fight or flight center, the amygdala is the area in the brain responsible for producing fear and emotional responses, which express themselves as the signs and symptoms of anxiety. An anxious brain is out of balance – with overactive brain cells that produce harmful substances causing inflammation and cell death instead of beneficial substances that reduce inflammation and protect the cells.

Utilizing a specifically tuned microcurrent signal, targeted at the anxiety-center in your dog’s brain, the Calmer CanineTM device reaches the core of the problem and stimulates your dog’s natural ability to restore emotional balance — bringing your dog back to a calm state.

Watch to learn about the science behind the Calmer Canine solution.

Calmer Canine’s treatment is invisible, sensation free and very safe – much safer than medications, which can have unwanted side effects. Cleared by the FDA, the technology builds off research conducted at Harvard University suggesting that certain targeted pulsed electromagnetic field (tPEMFTM) signals are effective in treating humans with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Our team of veterinarians, engineers and neurobiologists developed a signal specific to the dog’s brain. 

Assisi Animal Health, developer of Calmer Canine is the world’s leading expert on the use of tPEMF on animals. Our tPEMF products have been safely used on over 50,000 animals to treat pain and inflammation. Read more about our parent company and our clinically-proven pain management products.

Rigorously Researched,
Proven Effective

In 2018 Assisi completed a pilot study of dogs with separation anxiety, each treated with a Calmer Canine device placed on the head twice daily for 15 minutes, for six weeks. Before, during and after video was captured along with owner reports. Results were incredible showing a dramatic reduction or resolution of measured anxiety in all dogs in the study. See some of the before and after video from these dogs that used Calmer Canine.

Research continues. As of February 2019, with the help of North Carolina State University, we are conducting a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study to further support the significant results found in our pilot study. Drs. Margaret Gruen and Katherine Pangrantz are leading this study.